First to Fall

First to Fall

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justreadthedamnbooks By justreadthedamnbooks Updated Mar 13, 2011

Him and Her, half and half. Creates the full their Goddess predicted.

Him and Him, half and half. Rivals, one kept one sold.

Sharing blood, together in family, Ivy fights to free herself of her brother, her twin, her half. She wants to be her own person, even when she created their bond. A bond so strong it connects them is ways thought impossible without the apperence of Magic.

But her Father has been killed, her Mother murdered. And sepperating herself from her brother becomes harder as she begins to take from him, his bad thoughts, his dark moods- created by the use of him powers.

What starts as a simple tale to run away from their murderous Uncle, the half of their Father, becomes something more thrilling and adventerous as the young twins run to save themselves, then run to save those who are forced to run with them. And they will discover a secret that holds together their whole universe. A secret that many havbe foretold, and not been heard.

The truth, their Grandmother had once thought, Is the Goddess;
As lying and mischeifous as the Goddess;
and when no one Accepts the Goddess for her true form;
then one one will no the truth.

First to Fall is about the way events fall in place at the unlikeliest of places, conincidents are formed, and when one falls- then the rest comes down, tumbling like an avelanche, with them.

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