The Paper Airplane {Larry Mpreg} BEING EDITED

The Paper Airplane {Larry Mpreg} BEING EDITED

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The Paper Airplane necklace changes peoples' lives. It changes them from nobodies to somebodies. It gives them a dangerous life encompassed by dangerous people. If you get a Paper Airplane necklace, kiss your old life goodbye. 

What will happen when Louis receives one of those very necklaces from the infamous Harry Styles? What will he do when his life changes? Will he be strong enough to keep everything together? Will be he able to save people he never thought of saving? Will Harry be able to keep Louis safe from the life that he dragged him into?

This is a Dark spin-off. 

This is an Mpreg (Male Pregnancy)

2014 Bromance Awards (Olympic) 1st place 'Popular Multiple Bromance'

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Private Chapters: 29 and 34

Same after looking through all the comments I have no clue what dark is lmao
tondada tondada Dec 20, 2016
SC inspired me to come read this story again.  It's always been one of my faves.
RosieCamper RosieCamper Oct 14, 2016
I tried to watch the video but it told me I needed to be signed in??? But I am??? Whatever, I'm just gonna read the book.
louischeekbxnes louischeekbxnes Nov 19, 2016
Idek how people choose who tops and who bottoms like I literally cannot decide. Harry can be a fluffy little princess but he can also be a hot stripper daddy and louis can be a tiny soft baby and he can be a rough hot daddy u kno?
LarryZipper LarryZipper Aug 03, 2016
I have always wanted to read your stories and it sucks that I can't because I've always heard that they're really good. But I thank you for these warnings anyways :)
cuddlingxcandy cuddlingxcandy Jul 28, 2016
I read this book last year and I have finally recovered emotionally now I'm ready