Surviving Slater

Surviving Slater

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Regan Ure By ReganUre Updated 4 days ago

Jordan Ross is not a good girl. Growing up on the wrong side of the tracks has toughened her up. She doesn't trust easily.

Slater Graves is a bad boy living day to day. Haunted by a childhood event, he is stuck in a hellish limbo unable to move forward.

When they meet. Their attraction is intense and irresistible. Impossible to fight.

But for their own survival they need to keep it physical. Can they survive each other, with their hearts intact?

This was amazing!! I love it..❤❤❤
                              I miss Loving Bad.. But most importantly I miss You 😔😔😔
I really like Matthew. He's a good guy. And I shipped Jordan with him...  In "LB" I got the impression that Slater was interested in Taylor (at first), but ended up "dating" Jordan... I couldn't feel chemistry between them... but with Matthew, oh yes... just my opinion, of course! 😁
It took me time to understand the story time and almost fainted thinking they had separated!