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Never Look Back: A Male!Reader X Cinder Story

Never Look Back: A Male!Reader X Cinder Story

14.3K Reads 307 Votes 11 Part Story
Darkeus Malachai By ShadowRealmGamer Updated 5 hours ago

Disclaimer: RWBY is the property of RoosterTeeth. 

NOTE: This story was originally a one shot made by a writer named darkprince171. I highly recommend you go read their one shot before reading this story, as I'm only going to give a really quick recap of the events. I'd also love to give a shout out to darkprince for giving me permission to continue where their one shot left off!

Tokawa734 Tokawa734 Jan 21
I can't find the story and I don't want to read this one till I read the other so could you give a dog a bone here
ColeTheButler ColeTheButler Oct 05, 2016
AH hell why not give this a try, for the Semblance of our lovely reader-kun I was thinking something along the lines of something like summoning or anything, but maybe having him act like a puppeteer, maybe have him ride a puppet usra minor while battle the girls or something like that.
sadmarky123 sadmarky123 Oct 07, 2016
How about the reader ROASTS people and his words actually cause physical harm, so the worse the roast the badder the damage is
thedarklord86 thedarklord86 Oct 05, 2016
I really hope this ends up with like i forgive the girls and they share me between all of them 😃
                              Great story 👍🏿
fan-fict-nerd fan-fict-nerd Oct 12, 2016
Ayy I know I'm late on this but what about 'shadow travel'? As in we can teleport but has to be in contact with a shadow and can only reappear in other shadows ?