Close Your Eyes (Supernatural Fanfiction)

Close Your Eyes (Supernatural Fanfiction)

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Jordan By AdorableCastiel Updated Oct 15, 2016

(Lily's P. O. V)

"Please.... just.... let me go." I mumbled as the demon walked to me with a smirk on his face. His black eyes fixated on my dark brown eyes. He cleaned his knife on one of his sleeves. The abandoned warehouse was dull and dusty, you couldn't make much out, the only light shining through was from the few window which sunlight beamed through. 

The had me chained to the wall by my wrists and ankles. The chains were heavy and separated my hands away from each other whereas my feet we loose in the chains. 

My bloodstained jeans and plaid shirt had rips in them from the bitch that was torching me. I was to weak to do anything. My clothing and any skin that showed was muddy and had grass stains in a few places.

"Oh no to let you go would just be boring but to do this." He pushed a blade into my side. "Is way more fun don't you think?" He chuckled. 

I bit my lip trying to hold back a scream. I took a sharp breathe in as he pulled it out blood dripping from it. Blood poure...

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