The Bad Boy Changed Me

The Bad Boy Changed Me

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Alice was your average good girl, polite, kind and always did as she was told... Not anymore. She meets Cameron, a bad boy with an attitude. He's the opposite to her, rude and a massive rule breaker. 

The more she hangs out with him the more she becomes like him until she just disappears with him and his group. 

News man: "We are looking for Alice Stewart. She went missing last night and if you spot her please call the police, do not approach, the people she is with may be dangerous."

lamekeisha lamekeisha Jan 20
omfg, i want a hacker a to hack into my bes'f's crush/bf acc so i could see the hoes he be texting and i'll have the proof. (:
girlunlucky girlunlucky Oct 27, 2016
Love this so far,  they're definitely going to fall for each other I can already telllllll
lamekeisha lamekeisha Jan 20
i have friends that are named anna and brian, and i have a brother named cody. 😹💀
I am already like going to die if i dont keep on reading so come yup what i think
lamekeisha lamekeisha Jan 20
yeah.... he got arrested for no reason lmao, his roommate was jus gone like tf
sierradawnbytche sierradawnbytche Oct 18, 2016
oh lol, i was listening to style, when i read this! perfect match!