Try Me Alpha.

Try Me Alpha.

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"Try. Me. Alpha." she with so much hate and arrogance.


Dakota-Rae Blain is 18 going onto 19 when her parents are attacked by Rouges and half the pack is wiped out leaving her older brother Jye as Alpha. Her Mate is the Alpha of the largest pack, the Silver Moon Pack. Things aren't as peachy as you'd think between the two at first. Events go on as Rae goes to live her new life as an Alpha.

  • alphafemale
  • defiance
  • mates
  • twisted
  • wolf
parislover7777777 parislover7777777 Dec 24, 2017
No she isn't okay her parents were just murdered in front of her
Winterystorm Winterystorm Jun 07, 2017
Sounds logical, right?
                              Nope. It doesn't. So if you do this, expect a kick to your baby maker.
Naynay770 Naynay770 Aug 10, 2017
My friend: GOTT'EM!!!!😂😂😂
                              Me: girl I wouldn't be able to take that embarrassment😂😂😂😂
JQueen1228 JQueen1228 Nov 30, 2017
Every werewolf story I've read the girl has a wolf that disagrees with her. I think it makes the story better that way.
annchersita annchersita Apr 25, 2017
Why is that always the question adult ask when someone takes my food? 🤔😑
NotMyNameHere NotMyNameHere Jul 06, 2017
Boy gotta realize she just lost both her parents. Legit watched them die. Do you seriously think she is gunna want to be in a relationship 2 seconds after the bodies hit the ground? Think Thomas