Try Me Alpha.

Try Me Alpha.

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"Try. Me. Alpha." she with so much hate and arrogance.


Dakota-Rae Blain is 18 going onto 19 when her parents are attacked by Rouges and half the pack is wiped out leaving her older brother Jye as Alpha. Her Mate is the Alpha of the largest pack, the Silver Moon Pack. Things aren't as peachy as you'd think between the two at first. Events go on as Rae goes to live her new life as an Alpha.

  • alphafemale
  • defiance
  • mates
  • twisted
  • wolf
Keekeeburst Keekeeburst Mar 27, 2016
Im too emotional for this.
                              Im not suposed to cry on the first chapter... but i did anyway
DreamdollBaby DreamdollBaby Dec 25, 2016
Oh now I get it I thought she was one of the teens and she was named Dakota . 
                              Was very confused
Delaney_Morrison Delaney_Morrison Mar 10, 2016
Am I the only one flashing to another Wattpad book called Alphajerk?
weird_writter01 weird_writter01 Oct 27, 2015
"Always be there... for each other. I'm.. so proud..of you."
_JustJaaaaaay _JustJaaaaaay Jan 31, 2015
Alright, so I see the problem here...the chapter will be up as soon as I get home and get my laptop back...sorry for the inconvenience
TinaENTJ TinaENTJ Jan 08, 2015
It's funny how in every book when someone is about to die, they have all that energy to have a life-turning speech. Come on, keep it real.