Infatuated Possession【Yandere Boys X Reader】

Infatuated Possession【Yandere Boys X Reader】

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❌♠️ Avery ♠️❌ By Skeletal-Kitten_ Updated Oct 09, 2016

Five men

One reality.

Relentless, and Destructive.


They'll do anything....

To keep you from escaping

Their Mind..

Friends with me
                              Outwardly spoken
                              Readers like her already
                              She gon' die
Oh, you want me to behave...... Tch, I'm not a child you idiot. Grow a brain, then talk to me...
kayokohime kayokohime Jun 20
Whattt ryouko is a guy? I thought he was a girl because ryoko is a girl's name 😂
otakuxdxd otakuxdxd Jun 14
My friend, we will get along so, so very kuch in the future.
Me I once cried because I got full when I was eating this good food and I was barely halfway done so when the waiter took away our meals I started crying in the middle of the restaurant and my dad and stepmom were laughing at me
How tall are we? because if it was my hight I would be under weight...