Mr BadBoy And I || COMPLETED✔

Mr BadBoy And I || COMPLETED✔

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🥀 xAmesx 🥀 By mkayyxamyy Updated Nov 08

» I'll play you like a toy; I'll kiss you like you've never been kissed before; I'll make you moan as loud as you can, and you will love it ≪

                                ◆ ◆ ◆ 

Impatient. Shy. Quiet. Fragile. Inexperienced. All these words describe only one person, Chantelle Richards. She was raised to be a good girl, to stick by the rules and to never get into trouble with either the law or people. 

She promise herself and her Dad and brother to always stay good and never get into trouble. She sets herself for her senior year of high school. But unfortunately, doesn't have a good start or year, when she curiously bangs into the towns rebel. 

Rebellious. Cocky. Trouble. Player. Dangerous. Sarcastic. All these traits add up to one person, Ace Martinez. His glaring eyes, his annoying smirk, his bold tattoos, his rough grips and deep mysterious voice. His actions and his amazing charm with the ladies. All had Chantelle worried and unsure about her safety. 

He was the devil's son, the son of a huge sinner. He was bad for Elle, everyone in the whole world knew it. Yet there was something there always pulling her in, not letting her go or leave the sinner. 

But why couldn't Ellie just leave him alone? Why couldn't he stop showing up, unexpectedly? 

One thing is for sure, once she finds out who he really is.. Love might of blinded her to much for her to leave. 

©2017, Mkayyxamyy

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MadaAlsaati MadaAlsaati Aug 07
I'll punch you like a punching bag, I'll kick you were the sun doesn't shine like you've never been kicked before, I'll make you cry as loud as you can in pain, and you will hate every moment of it
Why everybody saying she copied of bad boy Judah like maybe she got inspired by it like srry but it gets on my nerves when people just assume things
putachanty putachanty Jul 14
my name is chantelle as well. im shocked bc its not  very common the way it is spelled
She did not copy people who say that. I think it's great that she was inspired by somebody's idea and it's even more great that she can write about things like it but not end up going along the same storyline it proves real writer potential so well done
I came back cause like I haven't read it and I am not caught up so imma reread it bye now
Her first name is the same as mine ....but its spelt differently.