A Guiding Light {On Indefinite Hiatus}

A Guiding Light {On Indefinite Hiatus}

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Icy Kitsune By Kameko_Kitsune18 Updated Oct 25, 2016

"The loneliest people are the kindest, the saddest people smile the brightest, the most damaged ones are the wisest."

Let's watch the story of our favourite blond unfold...with a few twists and tweaks here and there.

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto nor its characters. Kishimoto does, believe it!

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AndreaValentina844 AndreaValentina844 Aug 12, 2017
Well, then I'll use the same excuse when I'll be torturing you c:
MagicFryingPan MagicFryingPan Jul 06, 2017
They can't tell the difference between a four year old boy and a huge nine tailed fox? That's... actually sad.
Will713man Will713man May 04, 2017
*takes out titanium blade, and throws t, peircing the villagers heads*
A_Demon_In_A_Teacup A_Demon_In_A_Teacup Apr 09, 2017
Nightcore and Nightstep are amazing, especially Nightstep as its Dubstep and Nightcore combined.
Crazyninetails Crazyninetails Jun 04, 2017
Does anyone else read 'Fox Hunt' in a deep and villains voice?
Eveel9ver Eveel9ver Aug 14, 2017
*takes out rocket launcher* This is for Naru-chan*sadistic grin*