Indifference (chapters being edited)

Indifference (chapters being edited)

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Dawn Dolt By BleedingDireWolf231 Updated Jul 03, 2017

Every Thousand years Lucifer must pick a new bride to remain powerful enough to balance on Gods level and keep chaos from destroying the world. 

Karma is thrown into fates devilish swirls when her 'eye for an eye' nature causes her to flee heaven straight into Lucifer's arms. Will she survive being the queen of Hell or parish an unimaginable death at the hands of Jehovah.  With the help of some old and new friends she embarks on the impossible task of seducing the king of hell. 

"Heaven is an illusion the super natural tell the humans to hide the truth. When humans die they become the paranormal. If a human drowns they become a Mermaid. If they commit suicide they become guardian angels etc. The truth behind heaven is it's only heaven depending how you die and how you lived." The thousand year mark isn't only important for Lucifer to remain in balance with God but also to keep the paranormal in check. Little does Lucifer know that his choice will change everything unlike anyone has ever experienced before.

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