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rainbow child. By KittyKoury Completed

Random One Shots.

Requests are NOT open.

*Started: 3/ 10/ 16

*Finished: 10/3/17

*Editing started: 17/ 4/17

*Editing completed: 1/5/17


 Some one shots contain triggering issues such as self harm and more. 

Some one shots are just plain smut don't read it if you're no comfortable with it.

Some one shots contain mild course language.

Read at your own risk, and please don't message me telling me that I shouldn't write it. When clearly you're the one who read it.

Safe reading❤

- KittyKoury😽

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awesomeethan123 awesomeethan123 Feb 05, 2017
Mark and Johnny and hunter and Blake and Brandon and Jacob all have a gangbang 😇😈😇
sharkisha1230 sharkisha1230 Nov 10, 2016
YASSSSSS I SHIP ZARK A LOT!!!!!!!!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂
lndehcisive lndehcisive Jan 29, 2017
Fūck I'm shook that was the best gay smut I've ever read tbh
packleader98 packleader98 Oct 25, 2016
It's a me a mario😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
                              (Legit just spent 5 minutes straight laughing at my own joke that wasn't even that funny) 
                              someone point me in the direction of the nearest bottle of bleach
lil_shippers lil_shippers Nov 28, 2016
I'm basically singing:  It's a me Mario, mama had me in jail, already not average. One pound, fat head come out the womb I would dab, dab.