Sang, Sad, Smiley, Same

Sang, Sad, Smiley, Same

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Amelia By GhostBirdPrincessL Updated 4 days ago

I absolutely love the Idea of sang in a band with other friends so she's not alone when there are stories when the boys leave. So I have decided to do one of my own with my OC's. 

They boys leave for a mission and were supposed to come back after 1 year and Sang being the good girl she is waited but then found out that she was pregnant with 6, so with the help of Dr.Roberts, Jessica, Uncle, Erica, and Charlie she raises them. Then 3 years pass, 3! Sang leaves with the kids who are 5 only letting Erica, Jessica, Charlie, Dr.Roberts and Uncle know. 

Now she's famous and in a band called the Directionals, with her friends Symphony Star, Amelia Gold, and Amelia's brothers North, South, Easton, and Weston. But that's not all Sang's a ghost she can be any she wants so she's now Bunny S. The good girl with sass, class, and everyone falling for her. But when the boys come back she crumbles and falls. Will she be back to Smiley Sang or will she stay sad, because people might not always stay the same. 

Disclaimer: I don't own anything really just my OC's and the cover

I know it's probably not possible for Sang to be pregnant with six but let's just roll with it

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