Percy Jackson: Chaos

Percy Jackson: Chaos

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Mama Dragon By Phoenixs_Dragons Completed

Written when I was 12 on my iPod and is unedited, so please be considerate with the comments on that.

Made before The Blood of Olympus(has some spoilers.)

The seven had won the Giant war and they had managed to keep everyone alive. With the help from Nico they were able to revive Hazel who had died during the fight.                      
coming home wasn't what they thought it would be. The camp was destroyed from the fight they had and the campers were pretty shaken up. They had gotten a few campers that day and one happened to be Dylan, Percy's new. 'Friend'
Dylan wasn't to kind, he used his popularity for evil. He wanted the attention, but he wasn't getting it. Dylan started spreading rumors about Percy.
Soon enough most of the campers started to hate Percy. The Hecate cabin helped Dylan to get  Annabeth to kiss him.
Out of betrayal from most of the camp Percy runs away with Nico. Chaos finds percy and Nico and he makes a deal with them. They choose five people and together they will rule chaos's army.                    
But now evil has come and he must confront Everyone again.

The_Girl_Who_Hunted The_Girl_Who_Hunted Nov 25, 2015
I like the different characters but what about Zoe Luke Bianca Micheal Castor Ethan . Maybe you thought they were overused
calypso_kane calypso_kane Jul 24, 2015
oh keep your sorry b****. (BTW I'm talking to Annabeth. or should I say Annab****)
gangadham1 gangadham1 Jul 17, 2015
Haha so easily they will join without knowing terms and conditions
ILuvFanficsAndOwls12 ILuvFanficsAndOwls12 Jul 16, 2015
KaylaLovina KaylaLovina Jul 02, 2015
What about the dead people? Like Luke, Zoe, Bianca, Silena and Beckendrof
PhanShipsDestiel PhanShipsDestiel May 15, 2015
Every time I hear "It was three in the morning" I hear the song Lightning in my head