Dear White People

Dear White People

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yours truly By -lucidstyles Updated 5 days ago

Dear White People - from a white person's POV. 

Not intended to offend anybody, but if you do happen to get offended, chances are that you're a part of the problem.

#whitesilenceisviolence #blacklivesmatter

Mostly just a white girl educating other white people.

Isagoncar101 Isagoncar101 4 days ago
Omg finally someone writes with common sense great job o totally agree
NoahHutch NoahHutch Jan 09
It doesn't matter how others treat people when I say "All lives matter". What does matter is that I live up to my claim... and I do.
ellechanel ellechanel Jan 02
We need more white people like you. You're so understanding, you explain with such class - I think I love you.
Melanin_Princess_ Melanin_Princess_ 2 days ago
Thank you!!. I try tellin my teacher this. But she don't listen
faeritae faeritae Jan 06
thank you so much for speaking out your thoughts. i love them.