dear white people

dear white people

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jayat By -LUCIDSTYLES Updated Feb 15

Dear White People - from a white person's POV. 

"Dear white people,

you're still not oppressed." 

Not intended to offend anybody, but if you do happen to get offended, chances are that you're a part of the problem.

#whitesilenceisviolence #blacklivesmatter

Mostly just a white girl educating other white people.

NorminahHamilsen NorminahHamilsen 7 hours ago
If all people thought like you, the world would be such a better place if I'm honest.
Um, of course you have to be a POC to be angry. All white people are racist oppressors, remember? You said it yourself.
I have a general question, is the Muslim lives matter movement racist because I have been seeing it a lot lately
NygmaTheRiddler NygmaTheRiddler 6 days ago
So if all lives dont matter than that means that not all black lives matter?
-doowneey -doowneey Feb 09
the fact that you're white makes it ten times better. more power to you
I was talking about these racial problems at school for a blog we had to make and all these white people were sick of me talking about it