Rival Of Each (707 X Reader )-(Mystic Messenger) UNEDITED

Rival Of Each (707 X Reader )-(Mystic Messenger) UNEDITED

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Kenma Kozooome By SNK_Fan Updated 3 days ago

You always watched him from the side, studying every way to defeat him. 

He, your rival, knew little about you. You didn't interest him much, and that was perfect. I just need to make him fall for me and soon I'll make him fall. This was an assignment, to make despair run him over. 


But maybe I was the one who fell for him.



iamhysterical iamhysterical Dec 29, 2016
*triggered* I know yOUR RIGHT BUT SHI-
                              *still triggered* *realizes i'm eating chips in the couch rn*
                              IM DYING. 
                              And also why would a piece of s h I t be my best friend?
1) My white 'Bītch don't kīll my vibe belly crop top
                              2) black skinny jeans with rips
                              3) Black low top converse
                              4) Black snapback with white designs and shīt on it 
                              5) Fob & P!atd wristbands
                              6) Whatever tf else I decide to put on with that
JustaFuckinNerd JustaFuckinNerd 6 days ago
This is a complete coincidence but I have glow in the dark stars on my ceiling like Seven
Child, child, language. You're supposed to be my innocent cinnamon roll ;-;
Alli2043 Alli2043 Jan 07
I will take a potato chip... AND EAT IT!!! *cruch* (10 points if you get the reference)