Rival Of Each (707 X Reader )-(Mystic Messenger) UNEDITED/DISCONTINUED

Rival Of Each (707 X Reader )-(Mystic Messenger) UNEDITED/DISCONTINUED

44K Reads 2.3K Votes 20 Part Story
Meme garden 🌿 By lil_bean_bebe Completed

You always watched him from the side, studying every way to defeat him. 

He, your rival, knew little about you. You didn't interest him much, and that was perfect. I just need to make him fall for me and soon I'll make him fall. This was an assignment, to make despair run him over. 


But maybe I was the one who fell for him.



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zaaza956244 zaaza956244 Jul 24
Hey... I have cat ears on my head and I'm eating my chips and chocolates on my bed. He is an adorable dweeb just like me y'hear 😂😂😂😂😂
Lou_0111 Lou_0111 May 06
How pathetic! Eating chips on the couch like a dweeb!… oh wait…
                              I was dying😂
Cool576 Cool576 Sep 15
I just thought of Light saying "I'll take a potato chip....AND EAT IT! *dramatic music plays in background*"
My life. Yesterday, I was going to take a light nap at 6:30 and some up the next day at 2 in the morning.
Lou_0111 Lou_0111 May 06
Reminds me of a time where my 'nap' lasted 24 hours maybe more… no, I'm not kidding
CookiieCat CookiieCat Apr 18
*cough cough* i'm laying in bed with cat ears on reading this *cough cough*