Only His

Only His

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The only thing they have in common is their jobs.His name is Ace. He gets what he wants when he wants especially if its a specific some one he wants, and he's very protective when it comes to family. He's arrogant and rude. He's rich and a man whore in other words. He got everything a guy would ever want money,  the looks , the girls and the  family. 

She's Sophia. She needs a job. She always has a smile on her face. Friendly and caring is her middle name, literally. She has just finished university with a scholarship. She grew up in a orphanage with everyone their adoring her. Shes every guy's dream girl, and every girl wants to be her, but there is one thing about her and that is she is feisty if you get on her bad side watch out!

What do you think will happen when this arrogant hot headed male meets this gorgeous feisty female. 
Read more to find out!

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Book is written by Me and Only Me

random_storiezz__ random_storiezz__ 2 days ago
does anyone think I can get a selfish of me in a kangaroos pouch?
xcallex xcallex Mar 17
Not hating but if you go through later and want to make changes or corrections you might want to know that "your" should be "you're"
random_storiezz__ random_storiezz__ 2 days ago
I'm so no hating but in case u edit this book it should be " in other words her parents are like my own parents"
This paragraph was a journey 😂😂😂 it went in so many different directions.
Idk_014 Idk_014 Jan 23
U DONT RIDE KANGAROOS TO SCHOOL!!!  *Dreams crushed* 😂😂😂 Jk
This made me laugh I never read a book that has Spanish actors as cast 😂😂😂😂