Reclusion (A Ticci Toby Fanfic)

Reclusion (A Ticci Toby Fanfic)

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Nanamee By PichuPanda Updated Apr 08, 2016

Caroline finally gets the chance to start her new job as a young psychologist for the sick and demented. 

She begins with a young man who goes by "Ticci Toby" who is locked up for his mental health and his sickening hobby of killing. After her meeting with him, it isn't long when she finds out that he escaped his cell and manage trapped her and the rest of the sane for play time. 

With little time she has, Caroline must escape the asylum alive or become Toby's new play toy.

Art belongs to DeviantArt User: Amne-chan 

***Editing when finished***


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xJungKookieBTS xJungKookieBTS Jun 07, 2016
Hope he doesn't get sick and hack up a lung and then hack into my accounts
EyelessLily EyelessLily Aug 23, 2015
I like this book Cause it shows how the pastes are actual dangerous but babbbbyyyyy nooooo, poor Toby :,(
Nahdont Nahdont Aug 01, 2015
I like her *looks up* can I have this girl a my psychologist!!!! Please!!!!
vincentvan-no vincentvan-no Jul 09, 2015
Excuse me, but I'm not crazy, my reality is just different than yours
Jan3_the_kill3r Jan3_the_kill3r May 04, 2015
if we didn't have brains than we wouldn't be insane would we?
jazzys_chocolate jazzys_chocolate Mar 28, 2015
By this statement it sounds like the author read Daisy the manga