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Book Covers IV [On Hold]

Book Covers IV [On Hold]

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JANECONQUESTBACKUP By JaneConquestBackup Updated 3 days ago

Need a unique, custom-designed cover for your book? Look no further! Comment your requests ON THE INTRODUCTION CHAPTER!!

rosie_queen rosie_queen 5 hours ago
Hi, can i have a one cover from you?
                              Name: Teenage Problems
                              Author: @rosiequeen
                              Summary: Its just random book where im writing teenage problems.
                              Genre: Random
                              Preferences: I have not.
                              Thanks i will wait :)
Hi! I need a cover for my book. It is posted.
                              Title: My Random Life
                              Author: septiplier_tythan
                              Genre: Random
                              Summary: My random life
                              Ideas: Anything with Chris Pratt, Gerald from Finding Dory, Michael Rooker, and Sean Gunn.
LolaBanj LolaBanj May 07
                              Title: In The Name Of Love or what?
                              Author: LolaBanj
                              Genre: Teen-Fiction
                              Summary: Her mom ended up not being her real mom and her real mom needs her to marry her business partner's son.
                              So she had to leave her family and friends.
                              Preferences: None.
                              Take your time.
CoryIsHere CoryIsHere 3 days ago
Does the book your requesting have to have a certain number of pages?
Hello can I have a cover please?
                              Title: Transgender 
                              Author: Tristan
                              Genre: Random
                              Summary: A story about a boy locked in a girl body. I don't have specifics yet. So you can do what ever you want. I'd like it to have water in it but I don't care your the cover maker so you do u. Thanks bye
pastles- pastles- Jan 21
Sarcastically Howell
                              By Amyqueenofthegraces
                              Danisnotonfire fan fic
                              Gigi Hadid and Dan Howell on the cover
                              Colourful and eycatching