my possessive mate

my possessive mate

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HELLO By savannahjademoonsamy Completed

Anna doesn't want a mate  , after her mother died her father died soon after from depression from losing his soul mate 

She thinks having a mate will lead her the same path as her parents , so she ran away from it all 

She decided to live in a place where there's  no werewolf , she lives happily with her boyfriend, but that happiness doesn't last long 

Her pack did allow her to move to the human land but when her old alpha dies a new alpha comes in and she has no choice but to go for the meeting and the last thing she expects is to meet her mate

And his not too happy that she has a boyfriend

  • alpha
  • mate
  • pack
  • possessive
  • romance
  • werewolf
DJSpicyAvocado DJSpicyAvocado Sep 13, 2017
Damn, does anyone know that hottie? For research purposes...
LazyLuna1 LazyLuna1 Feb 09
But-but I thought he was a human? And didn't know she was a werewolf
Well I would hope you didn’t have a good feeling about your alphas death😂