Ash Miller is what could be described as the school rebel. He likes rock, he likes black clothes, he likes to date a lot of girls...
     ...until he meets a guy who could mean more to him than any number of girls.
     Yet in this society when homophobia is strong, how will they cope?
My friend was in class and we were learning about witches and whatever (don't ask) she likes rock music, wears dark clothes, and dyed her hair red. The teacher told my friend "oh I'm sure you know all about this." My friend was just like "did she just call me a witch?"
This makes me think frerard ;-; 
                                    Not a bad thing it's just... Weird.
I thought everyone was scared at him but at the same time they want him?
That's exactly what my schools like. Most cover teachers are safe so we don't do the work and just mess around
That's how it works. But there's always that one teacher that sets more work than necessary
Ah, I remember keeping my school tshirt untucked, not having the collar come out of the jumper, and wearing black trousers instead if navy. Fun times. Seriously though, mornings were so easy back then