Syn: Sex Is Sin Love Is Pain

Syn: Sex Is Sin Love Is Pain

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Peaches By JPeach1 Updated Sep 30, 2016

Coming September 29th!!

Angel and Parker made it out of the fire. Everything seems to be looking good for the couple. They're happily in love and expecting the new addition to their family. But trouble is never too far behind. 

After two death attempts on her life, Angel finally get the moment she's been waiting for as she comes face to face with Lexi.  

After months of searching for Martell and Mook, Parker finally have them both where he wants them. Will it all come to an end like he hopes or will they slip through his fingers once again?

Missy has shown that she'll do just about anything so that Angel can get the happily ever after that she so desperately wants. Even if that means stupidly putting herself in danger or even getting herself killed just to make it happen.

Chris feelings for Missy causes his carefree nature to crumble as he is force to come face to face with a past that he kept buried away for ten years. Will Chris be able to open up to Missy and let her see the real Christian or will the fear of history repeating itself keep him running away.

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__ashleyhenderson__ __ashleyhenderson__ Sep 29, 2016
Omg 😭😭😭I am so happy I didn't expect syn 4 to be out already 😩😩😊
Slim33 Slim33 Sep 29, 2016
One thing I do miss about wattpad is being able to interact with other readers
Slim33 Slim33 Sep 29, 2016
Tryna make me broke already 😭 just wait until the first trust it'll be in my kindle. I'm too hype
Slim33 Slim33 Sep 29, 2016
I already know what's about to happen. Bout to finish this book in a day like I did Syn3,2,&1 😭😭 love your work honestly my favorite author out there. Your books give me life literally I struggle to come across a good book and end up rereading Him or Syn😅