When a billionaire loves.

When a billionaire loves.

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Angellete Smith By AngelleteSmith Updated May 19, 2017

"what the hell are you doing here now?"  he barked. 

"umm I-I came here to say sorry. I didn't mean to do that." I said softly. 
I jumped slightly when he abruptly started laughing. 

"sorry? " he mocked. 
He strode towards me slowly, instantly making me step back till my waist touched the edge of his desk. 

" you made me loose 30 million and now you're here saying sorry. How innocent of you? " he said, sarcasm dripping from his words. 

He came closer and put his hands on either side of my waist. 
" My company lost 30 million because of a stupid girl like you. Are you going to give those 30 million Miss Carson?"
my eyes widened at that. 

"I-I don't h-have money" I stammered. 

"I know you don't. And even if you paid I wouldn't have spared you that easily. You insulted me in front of very important people, now I must take revenge in my own way." 


Adrian Wilson is one of the richest bachelor of New York. He is famous for his good looks and marvellous body. And being a billionaire he gets whatever he wants. He has everything one would dream of, money, fame and power. With his ruthless- cold behaviour and anger issues he is feared by everybody. 

Alice Edward Carson, a normal sweet shy girl. She works in the IT department for 'Wilson constructions' . She doesn't have a family but an only friend she lives with. Though she struggles to pay off her bills and rents and always had a hard life she somehow manages to plaster a smile on her face. 

When these two worlds collide, it is her innocence that takes him away.

What will happen between them?
One who doesn't believe in love and the other who is afraid of love.


Cover by: I_tell_myself

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RaquelTape RaquelTape Jan 14, 2017
Hmmm I am interested to read till the end.....Hope it is really something good.....thanks dear writer...