How We Never Met (TO BE PUBLISHED)

How We Never Met (TO BE PUBLISHED)

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Eliah Greenwood By EliahGreenwood Updated Feb 06, 2018

❝Most stories start with two people meeting each other and falling in love. Well, guess what? This isn't most stories.❞

* * *

"Hello, am I talking to Miss Skylar O'Brien?" said the young but very classy man standing on my porch.

"Yes, you are. Who's asking?" I frowned, unsure.

 "My name is Nathan Samuel and I work as an agent for the universal timeline."

''Okay? Can I help you?'' I asked. An agent for the universal timeline? What kind of job was that?

"Indeed, you can. I am here because by traveling back in time, we accidentally interfered in your life and changed your future in a way we can not ignore." 

"What in the world are you talking about?" I stepped back, ready to slam the door in the face of this obviously disturbed guy.

"Miss, please hear me out. What I'm trying to tell you is.."

He paused for what seemed to be the longest wait I had ever experienced.

"We acidentally stopped you from meeting the love of your life."

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