Vengeance ✔

Vengeance ✔

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Scarlet Winters. She is the last girl you want to talk to in Jameson High, Summerville. Trust me, your reputation is at stake, here. 

Tired from being bullied by her cousin, Adrian, Scarlet is fed up of staying strong and the only reason she's still bearing him is because of her Aunt, who took her in after her parents died. 

One night, a truth is revealed to her, forcing her to leave the place she had called home and only leaving a letter for her aunt and cousin. 

But, Scarlet never reached New York, the place where she was supposed to go. In fact, no one EVER saw Scarlet after that night. Everyone asked where she went and what happened to her. 

Scarlet answered the tons of questions, three years later, shocking everyone who had known her before. Three years back, she was a girl with a plan which consisted of an emergency address and number, a make over kit, a new car number plate and above all, a fake death to commit. 

Scarlet didn't care much for her bullies after three years. 

She had her eyes on the ultimate enemy who would either take her and her new family, down or he would go down with an unlikely ally who became Scarlet's Hell. 


⚠Warning ⚠

This book contains scenes of gangsterism, a couple of bad boys and is NOT a cliché nerd-to-badass novel. May get a little cheesy in between. You have been warned. 

↘From the Readers 

"... Your work deserves a million votes...This is my second favorite book... " @chenoalatila

"... Best book ever.. Worth my time.." @ammaraahmia

"...They way you narrate the story is awesome..." @arshakil

"... Impossible to put the phone down... " @RheaManocha

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