Why? (Gerard Way love story)

Why? (Gerard Way love story)

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Loz. By Blorange2 Updated Jun 07, 2015

Life for Alice Lee was... difficult. After losing the 4 most important people in her world, she.... changed. She hardly ate, wasting to skin and bones. She started cutting. She had nightmares the few times she could sleep. She didn't speak to anybody.
She completely changed.

Credit to: MyChemicalKilljoy_  for the amazing cover! 

(Trigger Warning: Self-harm and anorexia. I'm not romanticizing it, it's bloody awful)

Midnight_Toxin Midnight_Toxin Nov 16, 2017
Atleast Ray isn't apart of the fight because of he was I'd smack him
liv_isapancake liv_isapancake Oct 21, 2017
When Tyler actually posts something even if it super fricken cryptic
xbeautifullytragicx xbeautifullytragicx Dec 01, 2017
this is my third or forth time reading this book, i searched all through my history to find it again, and believe me, there's a lot of things most people don't wanna see. but anyway, this book is amazing, you're amazing whoever is reading and have an amazing day! :)
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