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What If Jesus Actually Loved Me?

What If Jesus Actually Loved Me?

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RuiPing By Shennettt Updated Jan 08, 2011

Meet 16 year old Casey and 18 year old Drake. Both have different home life and experiences, and have their differences. Although one thing is the same, the are both running away from home. Casey runs away because she finds out she is soon to be a mommy and Drake is trying to find his gay dad. Both teens yearn for the feeling to be really loved after being rejected by friends and family. They search for the answer in different stuff but can't seam to find what they are looking for. Soon these two teens meet up with 18 year old Caleb and 17 1/2 Victoria who help them sort through their problems and tell them the answer to all their is......................Jesus. Will Casey and Drake accept this? or will the two teens still continue to seek something else?? The only way to find out is by reading!

cokeaogirl cokeaogirl Feb 09, 2014
I did not even see how that was a Christian story because I am Christian and I know a Christian story when I see it and please if it is a Christian story don't add cuss words like you did
sassybatmanrivera sassybatmanrivera Oct 12, 2012
@Southernchick95: Why, thank you. :D. I'm posting the sequel the 1st of next month. Happy reading!
Coyote13 Coyote13 Mar 13, 2012
(Sob.) I love it when people write Christian stories. Of course, this is because I am Catholic...
sassybatmanrivera sassybatmanrivera Feb 27, 2012
Yeah, I really like this...but you do need an editor. It will make your story easier to read and so more people will want to read it. And can you check out my Christian Romance? It's called Karissa and I think you'll like it.
cindy207 cindy207 Jun 16, 2011
Lovely story! YAY! A Christian buddy!!!! :D I've got a thing I wrote on Jesus.... It's not a story but just you know only a little bit about JESUS!! please read and comment! XD and tell me if I should write some more on it :)
dm_shank dm_shank Apr 09, 2011
Don't understand the "point of view" section headings. Needs spell check and edit pass as well.