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Maham By CrestFallenStar Updated Aug 01

The walls Lanfen has put around herself are there to protect her, but she feels herself suffocating under the intense weight of all her emotions. She tries to find the strength to stand on her own, but she can hardly handle it by herself. When the demon of the palace, Remus, attempts to befriend her, she does what any reasonable person would do-she runs.

Demons are terrifying creatures that are not to be trifled with. Their magic and strength is too immense. They are ruthless, they love war, and they are the evilest creatures on the lands. Naturally, Lanfen wants nothing to do with Remus. He's scary, has too much blood on his hands, and she can't look past his terrifying exterior. 

One flower might be all it takes to bridge the gap between them and crack the walls she's burdened herself with.

Will remus and lanfen kiss soon ?????💏
                              I am so excited for it.
                              I am totally in love with remus.
lean_sophia lean_sophia Mar 16
I can't move on from the Meilin-Daiyu Syndrome. Do they have some moments in this story??
I really enjoyed Drakkon and I'm looking forward reading this as well😆
                              Can't wait to know Remus and Lanfen's story😃
Awwwwwww how will I be able to survive for 2 weeks without reading this book? ????????
bjruirui bjruirui May 24
I have a question...
                              I really like your book...
                              Can I translate that into German?
I wish I had your skill in writing!!! It's just a shame that all these ideas I have go to waste because of my lack of skill