Wedding Bells

Wedding Bells

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"Mom! Dad! I cannot agree to marry a man that I don't know!" I said.

"Maxine! you are going to marry Nicklaus," Dad said.

"What? Nicklaus? I cannot marry him! I don't even know who he is. How am I going to marry a man that I don't love!" I yelled as tears were running down my eyes.

"Maxine, you have to marry Nicklaus," mom said and shut the room door while I started to cry.

I couldn't take this stress anymore. I am always bullied and people think of me as a nerd. I never had boyfriend but that's didn't mean that I would marry a man that I don't love. I am going to run away from home and get a work and become something that I want, like an hotel manager. So, I packed my bag and started to run, without even bother to think which way I supposed to run. I stopped running and realized that I was in a forest. I could hear some notices and saw some wolves running near me. I got scared and closed my eyes but realized that I didn't got hurt by wolves. I opened my eyes and saw a man standing in front of me, holding a piece of wood that was on fire. That man was trying to save me but who is he? Why was he trying to save me by risking his own life when he doesn't even know about me?

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- - Mar 15, 2017
Sounds good. I hope this will be as great as a read as I think it will be.
mserasharma mserasharma Mar 31, 2017
Am i the only one who finds the way this story is written more....interesting than the story itself. 😁