Hoods Secret (boyxboy)(interracial)

Hoods Secret (boyxboy)(interracial)

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Derrik and Gavin, two best friends. Grew up in the hood of South Side Jamaica in Queens together. Both six feet, both wear a size twelve shoe. They hustle together. Smoke together, drink together. Fuck the same bitches.  Some even say they look alike just with different skin tones. 

But what everybody doesn't know is that behind their hard and masculine demeanor, their lady loving, player attitude, is a six year committed relationship that kicked off when Gavin made a move on Derrik when they were fifteen years old. 

Now at twenty one, they've successfully hidden their relationship from everyone. But it bothers Gavin more than it does Derrik that they can't be public about their relationship. He always says how he doesn't care what everyone has to say but Derrik isn't having it. 

One day, Gavin meets this girl who he unintentionally starts to fall for and begins to question his happiness being with another man. 

Derrik notices Gavin's change in behavior. He barely wants to kiss him, hold a conversation with him, let alone have sex. Gavin swears up and down that nothing has changed but Derrik isn't dumb and he's not standing for Gavin's bullshit.

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😂😂😂 that's about to be my excuse for missing psychology tomorrow
Georgie81 Georgie81 Nov 29, 2017
I used to live there as a kid. I was born in Jamaica hospital😊
incorrectTryagain incorrectTryagain Nov 03, 2017
Reminded me of when this girl said that this boy's breath was giving her 3rd degree burns
SirJulian96 SirJulian96 Dec 01, 2016
Damn he sound like my best friend when he be clowning his Lil brother lol