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Fresh Love (fresh sans x reader)

Fresh Love (fresh sans x reader)

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Sky Night By 20skynight02 Updated Feb 14

You hadn't known feelings too well. Your parents never loved you. They abused you. You fall into what you thought was a death sentence. But you find something much more. Will you learn to love it or LOVE it.

thelostsoulscrew thelostsoulscrew Dec 21, 2016
Alright aurora don't be imtimadated*sees picture above*OH NO HES HOT!!!(I will absolutely love you if you understand this joke)p
DoubtedSoul DoubtedSoul Oct 02, 2016
Let me FRESHEN up the mood with some kawaii Cross!Sanses! X3
billcipherkid billcipherkid Oct 27, 2016 fresh i dint know u...u liked me to
                              Fresh:y...ya of cores i do ny radical friend