The blond devil- a 'SHADOWHUNTERS' fan fiction

The blond devil- a 'SHADOWHUNTERS' fan fiction

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Bexley Raziel bloodborn's life wasn't normal. 
It was anything but mundane. 
She was a ShadowHunter. And even for a shadowHunter, Bexley's and her friends life was a bit more hectic then the norm. 

They were a team. The best. 
Their bond was unbreakable. 

The small group was made of four people. 
Bexley- the blonde girl who had been orphaned, and was lucky enough to have the lightwoods take her in. 

Alec- the lightwoods oldest child. He was a master archer. 

Isabelle- the lightwoods second child. And Bexley's best friend. 

And Jace Wayland- the lightwoods took him in a couple years after bexley. The two had bonded over the feeling of being alone. 

But what happens when Bexley's world is turned upside down? 
She's given a choice. Will she make the right one? 

Faced with war, pain, death and fear like she's never felt- she has to make a choice.