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Too much inspiration By Shifting2wolf Updated Nov 11

Life is unfair and cruel. That is at least what Lane has learned growing up in his haughty feline pride. Born in a society that preaches perfection and condemns any flaw, Lane is lucky to have made it past his childhood.

He was the pride's biggest flaw, a cruel reminded to the arrogant shifters that even with their pure bloodlines, something could still go wrong. Lane was born partially blind after an incident that claimed his mother.

And now he had the whole pride sniffing at his heels. Soon enough, they would unleash their furry.

So, instead of honoring his mother's sacrifice abhors her clear love for him, they torment her baby. And the worst part is, if they were punishing anyone, it should've been the idiot with the oxygen...
RedSlaayeerr RedSlaayeerr 5 days ago
Just because he's blind? That's it? Seriously people get a life
NightPieces NightPieces Oct 03
Once again, an amazing and flawless story ready to unfold!  Your books are always wonderful, it shocks me.
I love reading new books, especially if they're from you :) hopefully this'll be another great one
eminord87 eminord87 Oct 03
An absolutely amazing prologue and I was instantly hooked! I can't wait to read more of this!
_miner_24 _miner_24 Oct 03
Whelp. Another story that leads me begging for the next chapter XD