Shadows (Sequel to Rip My Heart Out)

Shadows (Sequel to Rip My Heart Out)

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lovelynatromanoff By lovelynatromanoff Updated Aug 12

Sequel to Rip My Heart Out.

Emelia is still reeling from the events of the Battle of Sokovia. She's been dealt a hand full of pain, confusion and power and her future isn't looking any easier than her past, but she has a new family to help her. The Avengers. They would do anything for her, and she for them. But when her powers are on the fritz due to some menacing, but unseen force, Emelia is left dangerous and helpless, just when the team needs her most. The infinity stones are weaving an intricate pattern across the universe and Emelia is tangled in the middle of it all. 

This story will start at the beginning of Captain America: Civil War and will go through Thor: Ragnarok.

All that and more will be reveald next week on shadows. Same shadow time same shadow channel
Is it bad that I don't want Pietro to go with us during Thor Ragnarok?
ithinkidied ithinkidied Jun 24
I loved the last story so much and I'm having such an awful day thank you so much because reading these stories is cheering me up sm 🖤🖤
LupusLux LupusLux Feb 24
Well the stone is crystalline so think of it as a crystal ball, okay? What's important is what's in your crystal ball.
LupusLux LupusLux Feb 24
Oh no! I've just realised that I can't read this sequel yet because I haven't watched Civil War... I need to go and watch that first so I don't spoil it for myself. Is it bad that I've been too scared to watch it until now?
- - Oct 09, 2016