I Want You  (Complete!)

I Want You (Complete!)

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I've never wanted,desired, or lusted anyone. The very few friends I have is all I need. I don't date or any of that girly stuff I think it'd make me all weak and lovey dovey ugggh.


im a cocky guy and no girl can resist me and I know  that for a fact. i've never had to work very hard 2 get a girl or anything really and i like it that way. Before you ask no I've never fallen inlove and there's no girl that has been able to even take my breathe away untill I saw her when I walked through the door.

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JessicaShrestha7 JessicaShrestha7 Oct 10, 2017
When you have brown eyes and you low-key expect this to actually happen lol hah
Waldo777 Waldo777 Jul 03, 2017
Lol I didn't read Brianna.. and I thought the first part was an authors note. 😂😂
browneyes76 browneyes76 Feb 27, 2017
Dumas is a real town in Arkansas.   They also have a place called Goobertown.