Islamic Reminders - 2

Islamic Reminders - 2

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◇بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم◇

" And remind, for indeed, the reminder benefits the believers. "
                              [ Quran 51:55 ]

Sharing a collection of beautiful and insightful reminders that everyone need to refresh their emaan.

Ps :
- Continuation of "Islamic Reminders-1"
- It's not necessary to read Part 1 of this book first, in order to read this one.
- Do share everything that you learn through this book, not by the publicity of this book but through your words and actions. :) 
- Make lots of dua for me. 
- This book isn't restricted to Muslims.

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BlazingStar_19 BlazingStar_19 Apr 23, 2017
Walaikumussalam warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu  😌😌😌😋
ashoutintoblivion ashoutintoblivion Oct 03, 2016
Thank you very much and may Allah reward you for all these reminders :) And to be honest I literally smiled like the she Cheshire cat when I found the second part-I've been waiting for it-So thank you so much and may Allah reward you once again
Muslim_ah Muslim_ah Oct 04, 2016
Quote for u :)" Walking with a friend in the dark is better than 
                              walking alone in the light ."
Muslim_ah Muslim_ah Oct 04, 2016
walaikumassalam warhmatullahi wabarakatuhu......khairiyath?
                              jazaki Allahu khair..... :) May Allah swt reward u for ur efforts and Accept ur prayers .....and plz  pray for me to become a better muslimah...:) once again jazaki Allahu khair  for tagging me and i was happy by seeing ur comment.
NaeemNaufer NaeemNaufer Oct 04, 2016
Walaikum Salam,Fi amanillah :D
                              May Allah bless you the samw!!
_om_nom_nom_ _om_nom_nom_ Oct 04, 2016
Ma sha Allah ukhti. I'm so proud to see the new part. In sha Allah, these reminders will continue to convey beautiful messages. I was actually waiting for a new part. :p