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Bo and Harry

by H28

{Latest Chapter: 60 - THE END}

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phakewriter phakewriter Sep 02, 2017
this literally turned me on so much when i was like 11 wtf was wrong w me
MuffinSM14 MuffinSM14 Oct 07, 2017
My mom would be like "No, boy stay away from my daughter or I'll kill you"
i forgot that this was written like 5 years ago until she said the word “orbs”
metroland metroland Aug 03, 2017
Lol wut my mom would freak if some random guy was just standing outside my house. Like she would think he was gonna rob us
hewantsthekitty hewantsthekitty Mar 10, 2016
I used to think this book was so sexy and romantic but now it seems so rapey
krice66774 krice66774 Oct 03, 2016
Ok this is one of my fav books but the beginning is lowkey creepy now that I think about it