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Whydidiwriteastory By thatdizzzalover Updated May 23

This is a diza storty I wrote in 2016 it was fun and stuff 
      (Warning you may cringe -a lot) 

967th in fanfiction a bunch of random stuff if you read enjoy

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Im sorry but i confused do you mean gabbie like as in the gabbie show?
Kyla_Books Kyla_Books Jul 20
I would read more but im just ticked of how rude and small minded of a person you show yourself to be... *sigh*
This is interesting so far its really realistic i feel like this is something liza would do like hang with gabby and get starbucks.
Awesome so far 😊  The picture had me on the floor laughing 😆
Aww I love Liza and David and everyone in the house 🤗❤️
thatdizzzalover thatdizzzalover Sep 29, 2016
Thnx I've wrote a few chapters that im about to upload so check them out