Here's to A Match Made in Hell ▪ Updating ▪ (Blood Money #1)

Here's to A Match Made in Hell ▪ Updating ▪ (Blood Money #1)

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Myra By humaira_azad Updated Jan 05, 2019

Previously called 'Husband with Benefits'

Someone once said, 'A muse can be a mirror: a reflection of the artist's desires, anxieties, dreams, and needs'.

Right now, I was his muse. I was his desire. I was his anxiety. I was his dream. I was his need. 

I was his love.
Trapped under her rich mother's pile of ambitions, Dawn Riviera is failing at life. 

Silas Dale? He's a distant dream from her high school days whose only purpose is to keep Dale Enterprises safe from his very own brother Adrian Dale. 

And Adrian Dale? He's a walking contradiction whose purpose is to sink Silas down in any way he can or that's what it looks like from the outside.

There's bad blood between these brothers and they always want the same thing. As kids, their father's undivided affection and attention. As adults, Dawn Riviera.

 Silas is neat, disciplined, utterly empty while having no plans to fall in love whatsoever- until the night Dawn comes to his life, as a tangle of pale limbs and a whirl of long chestnut hair. Both of them being intoxicated, find themselves on Dawn's parent's bed. All's shot to hell when Adrian hires her as his top writer in Wild-house Publishers, his years of hard-work. 

Both brothers are determined to keep her as his own but not include her in their cutthroat world.  Thrown into their black & white world, Dawn finds strokes of colors and unforeseen creativity. Will she be able to understand the meaning behind Silas's paintings or Adrian's choice of words? And the brothers, will they be able to resist the storm of emotions inside them and keep Dawn safe from their own demons? Will the artist and his muse find love?
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