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Sign Up | Insectivore

Sign Up | Insectivore

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~Insectivore~ By Insectivore4Life Updated Mar 14

Welcome! Do you want to sign up for the Insectivoreshipping account? If you answered yes, this is your place to be! All Insectivoreshippers are welcome! A form can be found in this book, sign this form, answer simple questions, then your in! Only an Admin can PM you the password, why? Reasons!

Cover By Braixen

Lunarfox205 Lunarfox205 May 14
1 95% 
                              2 because I'm bored all the time 
                              3 yeah 
                              4shiny Eevee 
                              6 gurllll 
                              7 all of them 
                              8 promise and if I ever were to I would release my shiny sylveon in to the wild
Greninja x Braixen, but since it isn't an option, Frogadier x Braixen
BlueStrike BlueStrike Feb 21
For people to enjoy what I have to offer for the InsectivoreShipping fandom <3
                              I shipped it on my b-day last year.
MoreAmourInsectivore MoreAmourInsectivore Nov 16, 2016
I, MoreAmourInsectivore, promise to love Insectivore '4life' and to never stop loving this ship.
BlueStrike BlueStrike Feb 21
hhhh i feel like im doing way too much because i already signed up for helper/admin on one of the admin's books so now 
                              I feel bad for signing this too, so I understand if you deny it, yolo here we go