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Individual Roleplay w/EpicMorninglory

Individual Roleplay w/EpicMorninglory

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🐼❤️️•Emmy•❤️️🐼 By EpicMorninglory Updated Sep 30, 2016

All sorts of roleplaying MLB RP too!

drewdreds drewdreds Oct 05, 2016
Name Drew
                              Nickname ice
                              Snappy sarcastic snappy
                              Looked always wears a cloak
                              Likes running and war
                              Dislikes walking and peace
                              Ummm Maybe an assassin 
Luna Snow 
                              L, Snow, L.S.
                              Adriana Lima but 5'5" with Black to silver ombre hair
                              White wolf. Can heal
                              Chocolate and Unknown 
                              Shes new.
LiterallyLokiLoozers LiterallyLokiLoozers Oct 23, 2016
When you flirt a lot and try to out flirt each other? I dunno I'm bad at requests.
Passwords: kīłl, @EpicMorninglory , 6. 
                              Suggestions: The characters meet on a battlefield. DRAGONS. Assassins. They meet in a prison cell. Ok that's all
firedust- firedust- Sep 30, 2016
Name: Julzie Mashima
                              Nickname: Julz
                              Age: 17
                              Sexuality: Straight
                              Personality: friendly, silly (sometimes), kind and sweet.
                              Looks: golden hair, sky blue eyes with a ribbon on the back.
                              Likes: playing bass, eating oreos and friendly.
                              Dislikes: meanies, bullies, haters.
KeyBlade8000 KeyBlade8000 Oct 07, 2016
Kalen Wolfgang
                              Nickname: None.
                              age: 18
                              Sexuality: Straight AF
                              Personality: Silent, Stubborn, not really the kind type.
                              Looks: Tan skin, Brown hair, a red beanie hat.
                              Backstory: he suffers from amnesia so he forgot.
                              Other: he's a wanted hacker by the law.