Arranged Marriage (A Ray Ray Love Story)

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Ajah; By ajahxo Completed
(COMPLETED 10/05/12) 16 year old Aaliyah Marie, she's a Princess that has and gets everything she wants. Problem is she doesn't want to get married. What if Ray, a Prince who lives way on the other side can change her mind as they go through all the danger that gets thrown their way. 
    © ajahxo
Wow I can't believe that their parents are making them get married
She is going to be a good girl.They go have something going on.
She shouldnt go on judging him like that Ray doesnt seem all that self-absorbed as she says.
Liked it I loved it keep going write the full DAMN story i really love it cuz ray is my favourite so yeah...keep going girl! YEAH BUDDYYYYYYY!!!! :D :] :) :}