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My Best Friends Brother

My Best Friends Brother

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3rinNicole559 By 3rinNicole559 Updated Dec 04, 2012

"I knew him. Probably better than I should for someone who doesn’t really talk to him. We all know that he’s a player. Most of his relationships never last more than 2 weeks, at the most, because he chases after a new girl every other day. Was I his new girl? Maybe. Maybe that’s what I wanted: To be his new chase. Maybe I wanted the attention Mason gave to Lacy. Or the attention Taylor, Brittany’s boyfriend, gave her. Maybe I just wanted to be wanted, just once, in a way that made anyone who felt it, feel beautiful. Like the most special person in the world. Like if the person giving you the attention wasn’t holding on to you for those blissful moments you got to be together, you’d float away from the unimaginable feelings you felt because they were like helium in your heart. They’d be the anchor that kept my feet on the ground.  Or maybe I’m just a dumb, romantic, who looks into things too much, when nothings there."

**This summary mabob will be finished when the story is actually finished. Not sure where this story is going yet! Lol.**

3rinNicole559 3rinNicole559 Jan 02, 2013
I am just fine with my grammar, actually, thanks. @LaurenRenee5596
LaurenRenee5596 LaurenRenee5596 Dec 15, 2012
@3rinNicole559 I should hope so lol. You have such horrible grammar but I do love the story. Especially since I know the truth behind it lol.
3rinNicole559 3rinNicole559 Dec 14, 2012
@LaurenRenee5596 Lol, through the book, my wording and grammar progresses. I promises.
LaurenRenee5596 LaurenRenee5596 Dec 13, 2012
Oh Erin, love ya girly but you really need to like let me edit stuff before you post it. You know I'm a huge grammar nazi. It's good but Brooklyn sounds like a brat. That's so not cool.