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taylor By siIverstreaks Updated Oct 21, 2016

in which I make you covers

I'd like to request another cover xD 
                              Title: Harmony
                              Author: RICKGRMES 
                              Fac claim: Lucy hale 
                              Theme: bright and happy
                              Style: can it look like the cover you made for simplystiles named Closer? I love that cover!
                              Password: Castle by Halsey 
                              Thank you so much if you accept!!
Title: Snapchat
                              Author: RICKGRMES
                              Face claim: Emeraude Toubia 
                              Theme: dark and mysterious
                              Style: can it look like Departure, the one with Grant on it please 
                              Password: Thriller by Michael Jackson
                              Thank you so much if you accept, your covers are bomb asf!!
-hellavator -hellavator Dec 16, 2016
Title : The FBI Academy 
                              Author : Beatrice Ryan 
                              Faceclaim : Lyndsy Fonseca (there are others that you can find in the first chapter, but they're like 16 of them so)
                              Theme: something simple
                              Other: Something "Quantico " inspired 
                              Style: up to you! 
                              Password: Mrs. Potato Head
The-Queerio The-Queerio Oct 22, 2016
Title: Goals (Literally)
                              Author: LostInLukesQuiff
                              Face Claim: none
                              Theme: Happy/Humorous
                              Style: preferably mininalist
                              Password: The Irony of Choking on a Lifesaver
                              Other: Quote: Her only goal in life: win.
Title; Black Kryptonite 
                              Author; Gabbi 
                              Faceclaim;Melissa Benoist and Tyler Posey 
                              Quote; None 
                              Theme; Dark 
                              Style; Can you do the do of Chronicles Of A Fallen Love that's in the first example square 
                              Other; Can it be in grey? If not can it be red.
                              Password; dangerous woman by Ariana Grande
deverhoe deverhoe 11 hours ago
Title: Little Gilbert
                              Author: Deverhoe
                              Faceclaim: Willa Holland & Chris Woods 
                              Theme: Dark and Light
                              Style: I like the Burning Wounds and the first Chronicles of Falling in Love one.
                              Other: Whatever makes it pretty. 
                              Password: Heathens by Twenty One Pilots