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The Bad Boy's Best Friend

The Bad Boy's Best Friend

52.9K Reads 2.2K Votes 30 Part Story
Isabella By Styles_Stiles242 Completed

Highest Rank: #77 in Teen Fiction
  Edited: 12/17/2016
    When you hear the name Lucy Fernandez, what do you think of? 
      Most people ask, " Who's Lucy Fernandez?"
      In order for people to know who Lucy Fernandez is asking, " What do think about Samuel Carter's best friend."
      Samuel Carter is the bad boy of the school. He has 2 friends, there's Alexander and there's Lucy.  Most girls want to date him and most guys wants to be him, he's smart and he's hot. That's a bonus, don't you think? 
      What happens when Lucy realizes she's surrounded by the hottest males in the school? She falls for her best friend of course.
      Cover made by the lovely XTheQuotesGirlX

chezzychick chezzychick Jan 14
I'm black and I kinda that  to offense I don't like to be "black girl" even tho I'm black I prefer for people to use my name that was given to me
Bruh i had a D in math for a couple days, and my ma took away my phone for a month
chezzychick chezzychick Jan 14
Sweetie clean the smudges off your mirror your not seeing clearly
HelenDark1 HelenDark1 3 days ago
This is one of those questions that the universe has no answer to.
MartaVBM MartaVBM Feb 18
I just press it so hard the tip of my finger is mottled white and red
Im black and proud so bitch step back before my true nigga gets out