Dragonfly (Lauren/You)

Dragonfly (Lauren/You)

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Hopeless Romantic By WolfieDagger22 Updated 2 days ago

Sometimes Love isn't enough..   

This is The heartbreaking story of two people from different sides of the tracks y/n is the smart,quiet girl in school but she is also very popular she's rich and excels in everything that the does she's athletic and captain of the Softball team y/n is very humble and doesn't let her wealth go to her head unlike the people that she surrounds herself with her friends Camila,Ally,Normani, and Dinah call themselves "The 5 Musketeers" they are 5 of the most popular  & richest girls in Miami Carroll City School For Girls but what happens when a NEW girl enters the school and y/n falls for her?

Lauren Jauregui is Fresh Meat in Miami Caroll School For Girls she is quiet, a  loner, and loves photography in fact, you will never see her without her portfolio or camera strapped around her neck what happens when Lauren meets y/n and her friends will Lauren open up to y/n or will things fall apart before they have even had a chance to start? read and find out.

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Shany94 Shany94 Feb 13
Bruh carol city is a bad school lol they be jumping people in that area/school.
HoregiWeed HoregiWeed Jan 22
Yeah right! Says the one who throw a crumbled paper to lauren 😂😂
WolfieDagger22 WolfieDagger22 Oct 15, 2016
I am trying to make it good this last chapter I didn't proof read and I kinda spaced out lol sorry you all
Loved2Read71 Loved2Read71 Sep 28, 2016
Yup, liking it so far. Will there be a time where the other 4's attitude be explained in a chapter or is that how you've set them up for the story? Just so I can get a feel for how things are.
                              And yes, please show more (when you can, of course) :)