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resteroni in pepperoni

resteroni in pepperoni

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heck By Lartspoon Updated Oct 14, 2016

gore warning lmaooo
  if ya dont like it
  dont read

holosphere holosphere Sep 28, 2016
Can't wait! (I'm a sucker for gore for some weird reason lmao kms :'))
AYE_its_JAYE AYE_its_JAYE Sep 28, 2016
Oh there's a new one? Well... I should change my notifs then
overemotinalscallop overemotinalscallop Sep 28, 2016
I love gore. But do you think you can put the eye trama chapter title thingy something to do with eyes cause eyes give me a frighten.
wings_oasis wings_oasis Sep 28, 2016
"Oh well would you look at that it appears I've gone and unconsciously cut myself again whelp whatrya gonna do"
VinnyMalum VinnyMalum Sep 28, 2016
I want to take this challenge but leave with my sanity.... I'm not sure if thats entirely possible tho.
COriLiptak COriLiptak Oct 04, 2016
When you are like: 
                              "Oh! She is cute!!"
                              And then read this 😂