Home is where the heart is. That's what they say. But when you revisit your old school, memories you thought long buried can be a killer.

Your friends.  Your teachers.  The melting man...

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tamoja tamoja Sep 29, 2016
Suddenly home doesn't seem so cozy. Tears and blood, not exactly what I think of when I dream of homes comfort. Can't wait to see where this goes
RobertHelliger RobertHelliger Oct 04, 2016
Home is an original horror story. Chapter One is exciting, and thrilling, to read.
DevilSurvivor012 DevilSurvivor012 Dec 10, 2016
If by dark shadows, you mean the cockroaches that gather cause I left some leftover food out and disperse when I turn on the lights like the people who left said food when asked to taste it , then yeah mine too 😂
KimberleySBLieb KimberleySBLieb Sep 28, 2016
Thank u for dedication. I love the vividness and I touch see the past as MC recalls as though I am there by their side and in their mind.
DevilSurvivor012 DevilSurvivor012 Dec 10, 2016
😈 oh what fun word play is, I'll just have to bite my tongue on this one..😂
SilasBleu SilasBleu Oct 03, 2016
Just by the first paragraph alone, it's obvious you've invested a lot of emotion into this work. Can't wait to read (: