Coffee Boy [Septiplier]

Coffee Boy [Septiplier]

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"I have never seen you here," the red dyed man exclaimed, watching me nervously fiddle with my pen. Who is this guy? More importantly why is he talking to me? Someone interrupted my thoughts.

"Fischbach, can you look at my report?" Mark grinned at the man asking him, then leaning over his shoulder to tell him, what I assumed was a joke, as they laughed together. Mark patted the man on the back and told him to get back to work in a playful manner. 

"Anyways, sorry ladies, I need to get back to my office and make some calls." Girls surrounded him as he nervously smiled and tried to cut the chit-chat short. 

"Coffee boy," he spoke out loud, "I want something special since you're on a run." The girls around him moved away quickly, heels tapping against the floor as they fled back to their seats. I gulped but I nodded my head to say a small 'sure' Then his phone rang & he answered and left the scene. 

I was left intimidated. Fischbach? Like the man who basically owns this building? Why would he want a coffee, especially if it's coming from me? 

"Sean," a lady said, trying to get my attention by saying my real name, "Mark Fischback asked you to get a coffee, good luck there." It sounded sarcastic, however, she gave me a smile and sat down.


I have to get Mark a coffee and I don't know what he orders.

[fluff will be here and eventually smut as well, just saying]

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Knees weak palms are sweaty theres spegetti on my spegetti already
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                              "Why a pumpkin latte?"
                              I want to die
                              SAMEEEE XDDD
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I'm already in love I need more!! I wonder how this story will play out...hmm.
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I came straight from Instagram once I got home from my FFA meeting 
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I would love if you could do more! You are so good at writing and I love this story!💙
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this is great dood! no pressure for updating! it's flawless<33