ANIMAL | SasuNaru | Yandere Sasuke x Naruto

ANIMAL | SasuNaru | Yandere Sasuke x Naruto

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U×C×H×I×H×A By Neko-Sasuke Completed

Every year, a person gets killed at the festival, and most who are killed have taunted Naruto, the planner of the Festival and the one of the main people. He is inspirited with the Nine Tailed Fox who saved the local village.

During the Festival, Naruto runs into a boy named Sasuke. Everything goes well... 


Published on: Sept 27, 2016
Completed on: ----
Published By: Neko-Sasuke

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BittyBean BittyBean Mar 28, 2017
The first half of this paragraph is in a different tense than the rest of this chapter, other than that this is great so far!
KnineGroup KnineGroup Feb 25
Ayyyee Sasuke! I could tell it's you cause you're the only one with the duckbutt on your head 😂
                              Sorry it bothered me... ._. 
                              Love the story so far tho
bienvenueaudesespoir bienvenueaudesespoir Aug 29, 2017
*looking for sasunaru fan fiction*
                              *sees yandere sasuke x naruto*
                              I do enjoy a good yandere sasuke fanficton
kawaiigaycatguys kawaiigaycatguys Oct 19, 2016
yes go for it even if he lies and is a bastard just saying...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
kawaiigaycatguys kawaiigaycatguys Oct 19, 2016
man just go right up and kiss him on the lips then run away for the fear of your life that you will be slaughtered like I would do!!!